Speer Financial, Inc.  Public Finance Consultants since 1954
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Speer Financial works solely with governmental entities as municipal advisor and specializes in debt issuance and related services. As independent advisors, Speer is dedicated to serving our clients' best interests and creating high-quality long-term financial solutions.

•  Long-term debt planning
•  Debt capacity analysis
•  Refunding analysis
•  Review of financing options
•  On demand debt schedules and borrowing analysis

•  Management of debt issuance process
•  Review of debt structure and alternatives
•  Recoommend method of sale (competitive, negotiated or private placement)
•  Offering Document preparation and distribution
•  Timeline and scheduling management
•  Rating agency meeting coordination and preparation
•  Facilitate bond sale process
•  Facilitate closing

Post Issuance and Other Services
•  Continuing disclosure filing
•  Credit rating strategy and assistance
•  Ongoing debt related compliance assistance
•  Tax impact analysis
•  Special reports