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Role of the Financial Advisor

The role of the financial advisor includes recommending and justifying the selection of a method of sale that is in the best interest of the issuer. Issuers should ask the firm proposing to serve as their financial advisor whether it benefits financially in the purchase and resale of the securities to be issued. If so, the underwriter/advisor has two clients:

  • The issuer (who wants low interest rates); and
  • The investors (who want high interest rates).

Impartial advice assures an issuer that decisions made are in its best interests. Perceived conflicts of interest are sometimes as damaging to the image of public bodies as actual conflicts of interest. Speer Financial, Inc. is an employee-owned firm and has no potential conflict of interest. We do not purchase or trade municipal securities. We have believed since our founding that the best protection for an issuer is achieved by hiring an independent financial advisor who has no potential conflict of interest.